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Navigating Public Engagement in Government and Non-Profit Sectors

Join us for an information filled Workshop on

Public Engagement 

Our exclusive workshop on Public Engagement is designed to equip local government and NGO professionals and graduate students focused on public management with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.


With over two decades of experience in communications for local governments, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that public engagement and strategic communication presents.

Presented by Fluid Communications

Karen Williams is an integrated marketing communications consultant and president of Fluid Communications.

As a professional in the public sector, I am sure you are aware of the term “public engagement”.


It's important to engage with the public before, during and after a community project or issue to create transparency and trust and get input from your stakeholders. But organizing and managing a public engagement event can be daunting. 

That’s why this workshop will be particularly helpful to administrators and department heads who meet with stakeholders face-to-face at community town halls, public meetings, and forums.

Here’s a quick rundown of the content:

  • Define Public Engagement– Public Engagement is likely to lead to more equitable, sustainable public decisions and improve the livability and quality of life of local communities. This is why community engagement is important for individuals, public organizations, and governments alike.

  • Define and find stakeholders- How to ensure traditionally excluded citizens, communities and groups most impacted by and vulnerable to project development are given sufficient representation and build key community relationships.

  • Develop an Effective Public Engagement plan – Create a roadmap that includes the scope, schedule, personnel, key stakeholders, budget, and of course, how your plan will be communicated.

  • Learn to develop and control the public engagement event- Be the guide and facilitator by listening and recording through the engagement process and dealing with the tough questions you face during meetings.

  • Find innovative tools and technologies for continued outreach --It is important for project teams to have a plan to receive, analyze, and incorporate or respond to stakeholder input important to project implementation and finalization.

  • Case Studies - Receive ideas from peers throughout the country.

As you know, every community and organization is different and public engagement needs may differ. We’ll talk you through some of your public engagement issues. You’ll network with your peers and share your successes and challenges.

You and your staff will find this workshop extremely informative and useful to help you create and manage the public engagement process.

You’re busy, I’m sure, so just reserve your seat while this is on your mind now. Seats are limited

Yours sincerely,

Karen L. Williams

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